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Time Speaker Description
September, 1 Thomas Sattelberger Keynote: Deep Tech Horizon 2030
September, 1 Co-Founder Matching
September, 2 Northstar Workshop
September, 3 Mentor Madness
September, 3 Deep Dive Workshop
September, 4 Pitch Day


We are announcing Deep Tech Momentum; the go-to conference for deep tech enthusiasts and founders in the early startup stages.

This event is designed to

👉 help you find co-founders,

👉 build your business faster through mentorship and

👉 receive world-class fundraising advice.

Techstars Berlin, RWTH Aachen, German Entrepreneurship and Audi Denkwerkstatt are designing this next level European experience in collaboration with the industry’s most innovative Deep Tech experts and top Deep Tech VCs.

Deep Tech Momentum aims to connect the best European early stage deep tech founders with potential co-founders and investors. With our first conference we aim to accelerate and connect 25+ top deep tech startups and 50+ "deep tech enthusiasts".

Interested? Or know any Deep Tech enthusiasts or founders? Check out the website.