Research Roadmap for European Human-Centered AI

Members of the consortium will help produce a research roadmap based in part on the recommendations from different existing EU policy and research papers, but with a distinctive focus towards a new and original scientific approach to AI based on enhancing European expertise.

This will entail organizing a research and policy consultation workshop series in Paris on June 17 and 18, 2019. The objective of the workshop is to develop a European Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence research agenda. To accomplish this, the workshop will bring together a highly interdisciplinary set of researchers, policy makers, ethicists, and engineers for an in-depth discussion that will help assess the key priority areas for research and contextualize AI within broader academic and research practices around AI in Europe. Knowledge 4 All Foundation, CLAIRE and ELLIS communities will co-facilitate the workshop.

Following the workshop, in collaboration with colleagues across all European member states and drawing on other resources, we will write up the draft research agenda. The research agenda will serve as the basis for a call for funding a future research agenda in Human-Centered AI in Europe.

The workshops will cover the following themes:

  1. Meaning and understanding for HumanE AI (including reasoning & learning), coordination: Frank van Harmelen (VU Amsterdam) and Luc Steels
  2. Interaction between AI systems and Humans (also human-human), coordination: Michel Klein (VU Amsterdam)
  3. Fairness, Transparency, Interpretability and Ethical Issues, coordination: Fosca Giannotti (CNR, Italy)
  4. Educating for AI and AI for education, coordination: Paul Lukowicz  and Jochen Kuhn (DFKI, Germany)