Official reports on the project results

D1.1, 2.2, 3.1 – First. Second, Third year microproject results (papers, tools, datasets) deposited for general use on the AI4EU platform (download D1.1)

D2.1: Micro-Project Results on Learning, Reasoning, Perception and Interaction for the 2nd Project Period (download D2.1)

D4.1, 5.1, 4.2 – First, Second, Final year microproject results on societal, ethical and responsible AI deposited for general use on the AI4EU platform (download D4.1)

D5.2 – Report on Ethical, Legal and Responsible AI concepts, design principles, best practices and tools, including a report on for LPbD (impact assessment and mitigation measures) and a set of lessons learned (download D5.2)

D6.1, 6.2, 6.3 – First, Second, Final report on research results, their application significance and the resulting evolution of the research agenda (download D6.1)

D7.1 – Report on the concept and time plan AI Innovation networking events and the AI Innovation price

D7.2 Report on innovation methods and their applicability to AI (download D7.2)

D7.3 Initial report on how regulation for AI can be brought forward in different critical domains including a time plan for further event (download D7.3)

D7.4 Final concept and implementation of the innovation platform

D8.1, 8.4 Initial Version of the Virtual Laboratory including benchmarking and challenge infrastructure

D8.2 Initial Version of the Humane AI multimedia dissemination Package (download D8.2)

D8.3 a), b), c) First, Second, Thirds Humane AI Net summer school on humancentric AI (download D8.3)

D8.5 a), b) First, Second version of the HumanE-AI-Net scientific Knowledge Dissemination Package

D8.6 HumanE AI Net Policy Dissemination event in Brussels

D9.1 HumanE AI Net Community Kickoff Workshop for all relevant Initiatives

D9.2 HumanE AI EU and national networking strategy plan

D9.3 HumanE AI Net Community Outlook Workshop for all relevant initiatives

D9.4 HumanE AI Net EU and national networking strategy report and outlook beyond the project

D10.1 Project handbook containing the key procedures

D10.2 All Relevant Boards established. Definition of composition and installation of the boards involved in the project’s management

D10.3 a), b), c) Periodic Report

D10.4 Risk Identification and Evaluation

D11.1 H Ethics Requirements (dowload D11.1)

D11.2 POPD Ethics Requirements (dowload D11.2)

D11.3 M Ethics Requirements (dowload D11.3)

Additional reports

AI research agenda to the telecommunications industry (English)

AI research agenda for the telecommunications industry (Spanish)

Official reports from HumaneAI preparatory action for new FET Flagships

D1.3 Humane AI Ethical Framework

D2.1 HumanE AI Concept and Research Plan

D2.3 Article collection

D3.2 Concept of maximizing impact

D4.1 Organizational concepts and legal frameworks for European large-scale, bottom up AI initiatives with input to Horizon Europe planning

D4.2 Wrap-up of the vision

D5.1 HumanE AI multimedia package

D5.2 HumanE AI global summit

D5.3 HumanE AI all communities’ platform

D7.5 Open Research Data Pilot