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  • Chetouani (Sorbonne)


Time Speaker Description
9:30 Mohamed Chetouani (Sorbonne University) Introduction & Objectives
9:45 Paul Lukowicz (DFKI) HumanE AI NET
10:00 Ioannis Pitas (AI4MEDIA) Lessons learnt from the AI4Media Curriculum formation exercise
10:20 Helena Lindgren (Umeå University) Human-Centered AI Education Addressing Societal Challenges
10:50 Wendy Mackay (INRIA) Participatory Design for Human-Centered AI
11:10 Andrea Aler Tubella ( University) How to teach Trustworthy AI? Challenges and recommendations from expert interviews.
11:30 Loïs Vanhée (Umeå University) Towards a GEDAI academy - Growing Ethical Designers of AI
11:50 Martin Welß (Fraunhofer Institute) AI4EU Experiments (alias VirtualLab in HumaneAI)
12:10 Mohamed Chetouani (Sorbonne University) De-briefing and Conclusions


Human Centric AI should be beneficial to individuals and the society as a whole, trustworthy, ethical and value-oriented, and focused on enhancing user’s capabilities and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Human Centric AI requires new approaches to train current and future actors in AI, human-machine interaction, cognitive science and the social sciences. These approaches are central to HumanE AI Net and should be now translated into Human Centric AI curricula that could be used to derive local curricula.

The focus of this workshop is the design of coherent Human Centric AI curricula by defining disciplines, strategies, methods and learning outcomes aligned with the needs of the society

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