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Time Speaker Description
June 27th 14:00-16:00 Hackathon Opening Session During this session, you will have the opportunity to hear different keynote speakers with focus on the Hackathon challenges and tooling tutorials.
June 27th 16:00-19:00 Hackathon development During the first day, you will start the development of your projects supported by international mentors.
June 28th 09:00-19:00 Hackathon development During the second day, you will start the development of your projects supported by international mentors
June 29th 09:00-15:30 Hackathon development Final phase of development, where you will finish the projects and provide the presentations
June 29th 15:30-17:00 Hackathon Pitching! You will be pitching your projects to an audience and juris
June 29th 17:00-18:00 Awards session During this session we will provide the different Awards.


The EU-IoT Hackathon focuses on “sustainable next generation IoT applications”. We invite you to bring your ideas and to develop solutions that address IoT skills training, IoT sustainable business models, IoT novel technical solutions in the context of 6 challenge domains: IoT interfaces, far Edge, near Edge, infrastructure, and also: a specific challenge domain of the European Factory Platform (EFPF), with focus on manufacturing. It will take place between 27th-29th June 2022, in Munich (Germany). The hackathon is co-located with CONASENSE2022.

The aim of the EU-IoT Hackathon is to disseminate new business ideas, experiments and prototypes as first step to best support next generation sustainable IoT solutions.

The teams shall have the opportunity to develop their ideas within an international flagship environment being mentored by several international experts from the Next Generation IoT (NGIoT) community and being in contact with NGIoT community flagship events.

EU-IoT Challenges Award – UnternehmerTUM Makerspace Award – first prize. Corresponds to 1 year membership for incubation in the UnternehmerTUM Makerspace in Munich for the best project overall, across all domains and project categories.
EU-IoT Challenges Award – IoT Week 2023 Ticket – second prize. One free registration for 1 person of a team, full programme of the IoT Week 2023.
EU-IoT Challenges Award IoT-starter kit – All winning teams (3). IoT starter kit provided to each team member of the 3 winning teams
EFPF Challenges Award – 1st prize. 1 smartphone valued at 600 Euros.
EFPF Challenges Award – 2nd prize. Smart home kit valued at 300 Euros.
EFPF Challenges Award – 3rd prize. IoT starter kit valued at 200 Euros
EFPF Challenges Award – 4th prize. IoT starter it valued at 100 Euros.


Team registration and challenge selection: 15.05.2022
EU-IoT Hackathon preparation event (online): 31.05.2022
Hackathon: 27th-29th 2022, co-located with the CONASENSE 2022 symposium in Munich, Germany

If you are interested:

1. Check the hackathon page, awards and rules and register via DevPost:
2. Register your project, team (1-6 persons) :
3. Join the Hackathon via slack,, where we will be regularly disseminating information about the different tools, and updates to the EFPF catalyser programme and final hackathon event.
4. Contact us to get more information via!

- Organizers: fortiss GmbH (Mitula Donga, Rute C. Sofia); UnternhemerTUM Makerspace GmbH (Florian Küster)

Technical Committees :
-EU-IoT Committee: Rute Sofia (fortiss), Lamprini Kolovou (Martel); John Soldatos (Intracom); Mirko Presser (Aarhus University); Brendan Rowan (Bluspecs)
-EFPF Committee: Mitula Donga (fortiss), Alexandros Nizami (ITI-CERTH), Florian Jasche (Fraunhofer FIT), Ingo Martens (Hanse Aerospace); Carlos Coutinho (Caixa Mágica), Usman Wajid (Information Catalyst)