The EU-funded HumanE-AI-Net project unites leading European research centers, universities, and industrial enterprises into a network of excellence. This collaboration involves top global artificial intelligence (AI) laboratories working with key players in fields such as human-computer interaction, cognitive science, social science, and complexity science. The project aims to push researchers beyond their specialized domains and connect them with those exploring AI on a broader scale. The challenge is to develop robust, trustworthy AI systems that can understand humans, adapt to complex real-world environments, and interact appropriately in complex social settings. HumanE-AI-Net will establish the principles for a new science of AI grounded in European values and designed to be more relatable to Europeans.

The meeting is planned as follows:

  • 8 April: Integration workshops for the macro-projects. All macro-project participants are expected to attend. The workshop is expected to be hands-on, leading to concrete improvements in the work.
  • 9 April: General project meeting, including short presentations of each macro-project. Representatives of each partner are expected to attend. There is a possibility for the macro-projects to continue their work in parallel to the project meeting.