Event Contact

  • Rita P. Ribeiro (INESC TEC)


Time Speaker Description
9:00 Virginia Dignum Responsible AI: from Principles to Action


The workshop intends to attract papers on how Data Science can and does contribute to social good in its widest sense.

Topics of interest include:

  • Government transparency and IT against corruption

  • Public safety and disaster relief

  • Access to food, water, sanitation and utilities

  • Efficiency and sustainability

  • Climate change

  • Data journalism

  • Social and personal development

  • Economic growth and improved infrastructure

  • Transportation

  • Energy

  • Smart city services

  • Education

  • Social services, unemployment and homeless

  • Healthcare and well-being

  • Support for people living with disabilities

  • Responsible consumption and production

  • Gender equality, discrimination against minorities

  • Ethical issues, fairness, and accountability.

  • Trustability and interpretability

  • Topics aligned with the UN development goals

The major selection criteria will be the novelty of the application and its social impact. Position papers are welcome too.

We are also interested in applications that have built a successful business model and are able to sustain themselves economically. Most Social Good applications have been carried out by non-profit and charity organisations, conveying the idea that Social Good is a luxury that only societies with a surplus can afford. We would like to hear from successful projects, which may not be strictly "non-profit" but have Social Good as their main focus.

Accepted papers will be published by Springer as joint proceedings of several ECML PKDD workshops.