This micro project will study the adaptation of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems for impaired speech. Specifically, the micro-project will focus on improving ASR systems for speech from subjects with dysarthria and/or stuttering speech impairment types of various degrees. The work will be developed using either German “Lautarchive” data comprising only 130 hours of untranscribed doctor-patient German speech conversations and/or using English TORGO dataset. Applying human-in-the-loop methods we will spot individual errors and regions of low certainty in ASR in order to apply human-originated improvement and clarification in AI decision processes.


Paper for ICASSP 2021 and/or Interspeech 2022

Project Partners:

  • Brno U, Mireia Diez
  • Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), Tim Polzehl

Primary Contact: Mireia Diez Sanchez, Brno University of Technology