This micro-project aims to explore the integration of virtual coaching and the use of Automated Dietary Monitoring wearable devices by conducting a preliminary study in which these technologies are integrated and experimented in a real-life context. Such a capability will enable the investigation about the role of real-time sensing data within a healthcare monitoring system supporting users by suggesting the most appropriate healthy behavior. The designed strategy will be validated within a living lab involving a group of 20-30 users that will wear the textile and will use the application for a period of three weeks.

Goals are to validate the capability of the smart textile in detecting chewing activities in a real-world environment, the effectiveness of the coaching system in detecting unhealthy dietary behaviors, the quality of the feedback provided, and the overall acceptability of the users with respect to a coaching system introducing a minimum invasive strategy.


1 conference paper containing the description of the proposed approach together with the results and the insights gathered from the living lag we run.

1 dataset containing all the generated data that will be made available to the HumanE-AI network

Project Partners:

  • German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Paul Lukowicz
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Mauro Dragoni

Primary Contact: Mauro Dragoni, FBK