The project aims at investigating systems composed by a large number of agents belonging to either human or artificial type. The plan is to study, both from the static and the dynamical point of view, how such a two-populated system reacts to changes in the parameters especially in view of possible abrupt transitions. We are planning to pay special attention to higher order interactions like three body effects (H-H-H, H-H-AI, H-AI-AI and AI-AI-AI). We hypothesize that such interactions are crucial for the understanding of complex Human-AI systems. We will analyze the static properties both from the direct and inverse problem perspective. This study will pave the way for further investigation of the system in its dynamic evolution by means of correlations and temporal motifs.


1 paper in a complex systems (or physics or math) journal

Project Partners:

  • Università di Bologna (UNIBO), Pierluigi Contucci
  • Central European University (CEU), Janos Kertesz

Primary Contact: Pierluigi Contucci, University of Bologna