A central challenge is to bring the people together to create innovations. Traditionally this works only with a high density of experts, entrepreneurs, and customers, e.g. silicon valley. In distributed settings on a European scale this does not work, despite the existence of matching platforms.

We take a different approach that is inspired by matching people in online dating. Individuals and companies often don’t know what they can offer or what they need. Hence we suggest a more holistic approach. Based questions asking about skills, interest, values, approaches, existing collaborations and digital artifacts (code, images, algorithms) we envision an intelligent matching platform.

We will run a workshop to understand the right questions, what artifacts are telling, and what good indicators for potential collaborations are. We also want to run a workshop to identify AI techniques for making the matches and for identifying the system architecture of the platform.


catalog of questions as the basis for the matching platform

a system architecture for the platform

set of candidate algorithms for matching


Project Partners:

  • German Entrepreneurship GmbH, Jan Alpmann
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Albrecht Schmidt
  • Volkswagen AG, Gülce Cesur


Primary Contact: Jan Alpmann, German Entrepreneurship