HumanE-AI research needs data to advance. Often, researcher struggle to progress for the lack of data. At the same time, collecting a rich and accurate dataset is no easy task. Therefore, we propose to share through the AI4EU platform the datasets already collected so far by different research groups. The datasets will be curated to be ready-to-use for researchers.

Possible extension and variation of such datasets will also be generated using artificial techniques and published on the platform.

A performance baseline will be provided for each dataset, in form of publication reference, developed model or written documentation.

The relevant legal framework will be investigated with specific attention to privacy and data protection, as to highlight limitations and challenges for the use and extension of existing datasets as well as future data collection on the subject of multimodal data collection for perception modelling.


Publication of OPPORTUNITY dataset (and other datasets if time available) on the AI4EU platform. [lead: UoS, contributor: DFKI]

Publication of baseline performance pipeline for OPPORTUNITY dataset (and other datasets if time available) on AI4EU platform. [lead: UoS, contributor: DFKI]

Investigation of data loader and pipeline integration on AI4EU experiment to load HAR dataset and pre-existent pipelines, with a focus on the opportunity dataset (and other datasets if time available) [lead: UoS, contributor: DFKI]

Generation of variation [lead: DFKI]

Survey publications describing datasets and performance baseline [lead: DFKI, contributor: UoS]

Project Partners:

  • University of Sussex (UOS), Mathias Ciliberto
  • German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Vitor Fortes Rey
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Arno de Bois

Primary Contact: Mathias Ciliberto, University of Sussex