Build a simulation environment to test connected car data based applications.

Application: For instance parking space occupancy prediction. Simulate the number of observations necessary to produce reliable parking occupancy predictions and therefore estimate the necessary number of connected cars for such a service.



Simulation Environment


Project Partners:

  • Volkswagen AG, Richard Niestroj
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Mirco Nanni
  • fortiss GmbH, Yuanting Liu

Primary Contact: Richard Niestroj, VW Data:Lab Munich

Main results of micro project:

Project has run for less than 50% of its allocated time.

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Contribution to the objectives of HumaneAI-net WPs

AI based car data applications save people‘s time by guiding drivers and vehicles intelligently.
This leads in Addition to a reduction of the environmental footprint of the transportation sector by reducing local and global emissions.
The development and usage of a simulation environment enables data privacy compliancy for the development of AI based applications.

Tangible outputs

  • Publication: Publication of results of simulation and AI application