The project aims to develop a Framework for multimodal & multilingual conversational agents focus on. The framework is based on hierarchical levels of abilities:

– Reactive(sensori-motor) Interaction: Interaction is tightly-coupled perception-action where actions of one agent are immediately sensed and interpreted as actions of the other. Examples include greetings, polite conversation and emotional mirroring

– Situated (Spatio-temporal) Interaction Interactions are mediated by a shared model of objects and relations (states) and shared models for roles and interaction protocols.

– Operational Interaction Collective performance of tasks.

– Praxical Interaction Sharing of knowledge about entitles, relations, actions and tasks.

– Creative Interaction Collective construction of theories and models that predict and explain phenomena.

On this microproject we focus on the 2 first levels (Reactive & Situational) and design the global framework architecture. The work performed in this project will be demontrated in a PoC.


OSS Framework (Level 1 and 2)

Project Partners:

  • Università di Bologna (UNIBO), Paolo Torroni


Primary Contact: Eric Blaudez, THALES