Understanding the mechanism of the neural correlates during human physical activities is important for providing safety in industrial factory environments considering brain activity during lifting a weight. Moreover, different responses to the same task can be observed due to physiological and neurological differences among individuals. In this project, the change pattern in EEG will be investigated during lifting of a weight and the features in EEG data making difference during lifting a weight will be analyzed. Classification between lifting and no lifting cases will be realized by using deep learning based machine learning methods. The outcomes of the project can be applied in industrial exoskeleton applications as well as physical rehabilitation of stroke patients.


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Project Partners:

  • TUBITAK BILGEM, Sencer Melih Deniz
  • TUBITAK BILGEM, Sencer Melih Deniz

Primary Contact: Sencer Melih Deniz, TUBITAK BILGEM