This project builds on earlier work by FBK in Trento on KENN <> and by VUA in Amsterdam <> and aims to combine the insights of both. The project has 3 aims, depending on difficulty we may achieve one, two or all three.

1. The current version of KENN uses the Godel t-conorm. We will develop versions of KENN based on other t-conorms (like the product t-conorm and Łukasiewicz), whose properties have been investigated in the earlier work by VUA. This should improve the performance of KENN.

2. We will try to extend the expressivity of the logical constraints in KENN from sets of clauses to implications, again using the earlier theoretical work by VUA. This should increase the reasoning capabilities of KENN.

3. It be should possible to check the exact contribution of each clause to the final predictions of KENN. This will increase explainability of KENN.


paper describing improvements to KENN, published in workshop or conference

software: new version of KENN

Project Partners:

  • Stichting VU,
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK),

Primary Contact: Frank van Harmelen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam