In this project we will investigate whether normative behavior can be detected in facebook groups. In a first step we will hypothesize about possible norms that could lead to a group becoming more extreme on social media, or whether groups that become more extreme will develop certain norms that distinguish them from other groups and that could be detected. An example of such a norm could be that a (self-proclaimed) leader of a group is massively supported by retweets, likes or affirmative messages, along with evidences of verbal sanctioning toward counter-normative replies. Simulations and analyses of historical facebook data (using manual detection in specific case studies and more broadly through NLP) will help revealing the existence of normative behavior and its potential change over time.


Report describing guidelines to detect normative behavior on social media platforms

Project Partners:

  • Umeå University (UMU), Frank Dignum
  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Eugenia Polizzi

Primary Contact: Frank Dignum, Umeå University