This project continues the collaboration between FBK and TUW about defeasible knowledge in description logics in the Contextualized Knowledge Repository (CKR) framework.

In applications, knowledge can hold by default and be overridden in more specific contexts. For example, in a tourism event recommendation system, events can appear as suggested to a class of tourists in a general context: in the more specific context of a particular tourist, preferences can be refined to more precise interests, which may override those at higher contexts.

Goal of this project is to enhance the answer set programming (ASP) based realization of CKR to deal with complex context hierarchies: we use an ASP extension recently proposed by TUW, ASP with algebraic measures, which allows for reasoning on orderings induced by the organization of defeasible knowledge. This collaboration will provide a prototype for reasoning over CKR hierarchies, but also an application for ASP with algebraic measures.


Prototype implementation: realization of reasoning service for query answering over CKR with contextual hierarchies. The prototype will be made available in AI4EU platform.

Report on formalization: technical report and paper submission containing the defining the formal aspects of model selection for contextual hierarchies via ASP with Algebraic Measures and some initial evaluations in the prototype.

Project Partners:

  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Loris Bozzato
  • TU Wien, Thomas EIter

Primary Contact: Loris Bozzato, FBK