In order for systems to function effectively in cooperations with humans and other AI systems they have to be aware of their social context. Especially in their interactions they should take into account the social aspects of their context, but also can use their social context to manage the interactions. Using the social context in the deliberation about the interaction steps will allow for an effective and focused dialogue that is geared towards a specific goal that is accepted by all parties in the interactions.
In this project we will start with the Dialogue Trainer system that allows for authoring very simple but directed dialogues to train (medical) students to have effective conversations with patients. Based on this tool, in which social context is taken into account only through the authors of the dialogue, we will design a system that will actually deliberate about the social context.


software prototype for a flexible dialogue trainer system

CONVERSATIONS workshop paper 2021

Project Partners:

  • Umeå University, Frank Dignum
  • UMU, Frank Dignum
  • IST, Rui Prada

Primary Contact: Frank Dignum, Umeå University