The purpose of this micro-project is to critically reflect on the design of an AI system by investigating the role of the designer. Designers make choices during the design of the system. Analysing these choices and their effective consequences contributes to an overall understanding of the situated knowledge embedded in a system. The reflection is concerned with questions like what does it mean for the output of the system what the designer’s interpretations are? In what way do they then exercise power on this system? In particular, this micro-project will examine a concrete case. It will follow the design of an agent-based social simulation that aims at modelling how inequality affects democracy.


An agent-based simulation on how wealth inequality affects political relations

A conference paper critically reflecting on the design of the simulation

Project Partners:

  • TU Delft, Jonne Maas
  • Umeå University (UMU), Virginia Dignum

Primary Contact: Jonne Maas, Delft University of Technology