Especially SMEs are underrepresented among AI adopters in Europe, and there exists little to no formal exploration into understanding the challenges with AI adoption from an SME perspective.

Therefore, it is important to learn from existing and successful support structures and formats to replicate and adapt successful mechanisms into different types of organizations and businesses. The aim is to facilitate the adoption of AI and to increase the innovative strength, especially within the SME sector.

In this microproject we focus on the identification of existing support structures and formats for innovation and assess if they are suitable for an implementation in the respective organizations’ innovation strategy.

To achieve the intended objective of the microproject, intensive research, and interviews with experts will be conducted.

The outcome of the project will be a report of applicable mechanisms and formats for AI-innovation as well as an initial workshop to test the applicability.


Report of applicable mechanisms and formats for AI-innovation

Report of the initial workshop

Project Partners:

  • fortiss GmbH, Dr. Wolfgang Köhler
  • German Entrepreneurship GmbH, Andreas Keilhacker

Primary Contact: Wolfgang Köhler, Fortiss