This second micro project of WP6.10 will validate the air quality prototype developed in the first micro project with a second, real city, Valladolid in Spain. In principle, there will be no new developments except for feedback about the system from the city. This project is also in line with the objective of Humane AI: to shape the AI revolution in a direction that is beneficial to humans both individually and societally, and that adheres to European ethical values and social, cultural, legal, and political norms. The focus of the project will be on insights generated from data collected with mobile air quality measurement stations to be placed on top of vehicles, and to test how does insides help local governments in better managing the challenges around air quality.


A report with the results of the evaluation of the prototype.

Adaptations to the system based on feedback from the local city.

Dissemination activities jointly by Telefonica and the local city.

Potential policy measures to improve the air quality in Valladolid.

Project Partners:

  • Telefónica Investigación y desarrollo S.A. (TID), Richard Benjamins

Primary Contact: Richard Benjamins, Telefonica (TID)