This proposal wants to conduct an empirical research that explores the social and public attitudes of individuals towards AI and robots.
AI and robots will enter many more aspects of our daily life than the average citizen is aware of while they are already organizing specific domains such as work, health, security, politics and manufacturing. Along with technological research it is fundamental to grasp and gauge the social implications of these processes and their acceptance into a wider audience.
Some of the research questions are:
Do citizens have a positive or negative attitude about the impact of Ai?
Will they really trust a driverless car or will they passively accept a loan or insurance’s denial based on an algorithmic decision? Do states alone have the right and expertise to regulate the emerging technology and digital infrastructures? What about technology governance?
What are the dominant AI’s narratives in the general public?


Two scientific papers in journals like (depending on peer reviewing guidelines): -Ai & Society (; -Journal of Artificial intelligence research -Big Data and Society – also other potential journals will be considered (Social science computer review, Public understanding of science)

Public presentation at scientific (eg. HICSS 2022, AAAI) and more general interest conferences in the second half of 2021 and first half 2022.

Project Partners:

  • UNIBO – Dept of Political and Social sciences, Laura Sartori
  • Unibo, Laura Sartori
  • Umu, Andreas Theodorou
  • Cnr, Fosca Giannoti

Primary Contact: Laura Sartori, UNIBO – Dept of Political and Social sciences