AI Open Day organized by VISION project

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to join the #AIOpenDay organized by VISION project in #CIIRC in close collaboration with the ICT-48 European Networks of Excellence AI4Media, ELISE, ELSA, and TAILOR Network of Excellence Centres on Trustworthy AI

The event’s target was engaging with the general public & showing them the state of the art AI research in the EU.


Each network introduced its work in flash presentations and our project was represented by Passant Elagroudy. Afterwards, all networks had demos and ours about automatic creation of videos for stories using text prompts. It was presented by Victor Chitolina Schetinger and @rudolf rosa. Last but not least, Sven Mayer represented us in the panel discussion featuring all the projects about “Trustworthy AI”. Topics like what features make AI trustworthy, how will generative AI impact us, what is the impact of using AI on security and privacy were discussed and much more.

Watch the panel recording

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