organized by Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt and Dr. Gianmarco Gori
Research Group of Law, Science, Technology & Society studies (LSTS)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

12.00 – 14.00 Online
Those who wish to register should send an email to by Thursday 27 noon CEST.
They will receive the link on Friday morning.


The Tutorial is organised by the Legal Partner of the HAI-NET. The focus will be on the introduction of legal obligations for placing on the market or putting into use  General Purpose AI Models and General Purpose AI Systems.

The Tutorial will build on the HAI-NET Tutorial of 2021, explaining the structure of the proposal of the AI Act. See here to access the 2021 Tutorial:

The 2024 Tutorial will be based on the final text of the AI Act, that will be in force within weeks from now (June 2024), and become applicable two years after that (though some parts will become applicable earlier). See for the final text:

The objectives of the Tutorial are to help computer scientists better understand:

  • the main goals of the Act in the context of the EU internal market (harmonisation)
  • the applicability with regard to General Purpose AI Models and Systems (new compared to the 2021 proposal, targeting Large Whatever Models)
  • some of the legal obligations with respect to the design of these models and systems
  • the relevance of the AI Act for human-centric AI models and systems

We need to emphasise that our objective is to give our audience a first taste of the legal regime that applies to real world human-centric AI systems that integrate generative AI. For more an in-depth understanding we refer to the report that Dr. Gori is preparing and to the Chapter that Dr. Gori and Prof. Hildebrandt are co-authoring on the subject in the Handbook of Generative AI for Human-AI Collaboration, eds. Mohamed Chetouani, Andrzej Nowak and Paul Lukowicz (Springer forthcoming).