HumaneAI-Net partners receive an ERC grant

Congratulations to one of the consortium leaders Antti Oulasvirta on receiving the ERC grant, one of the most prestigious funds in Europe for scientists to pursue their personal research vision.

Olli Ikkala’s project is broadly related to reducing the harmful pollutants associated with the resource-intensive dye and pigment industry. Structural colours based on light reflection are being extensively developed as part of the research into sustainable development.

🗨️‘Could it be possible in the future to change the structural colours, for example with light? Could colours adapt like in biology?’

Antti Oulasvirta creates computational models of human behaviour, thought processes and experiences. He believes that humanity would get a great deal more out of technology like AI if computers had a better understanding of their users.

🗨️‘It is not enough for us that our user model works, but if we succeed, we will also have the opportunity to talk to the user model within the operating environment.’

Vili Lehdonvirta’s project examines the geopolitics of digital infrastructures. Data storage and processing are moving from local devices to hyperscale data centres in a “reverse personal computing revolution”.

🗨️‘I seek for the first time to map this changing geography of computation and uncover how different states are attempting to shape it to their advantage.’