HumaneAI project passed second review by European Commisssion

The HumaneAI project, recently underwent a comprehensive review by the European Commission. We are elated to announce that the review culminated in high praise for our initiative, highlighting the efforts of our collaborating European research centers, universities, and leading industrial partners.

Our EU-funded HumanE-AI-Net project stands as a beacon of collaborative excellence, uniting forefront AI laboratories with critical stakeholders in areas like human-computer interaction, cognitive sciences, social studies, and complexity sciences. This convergence of knowledge and innovation is pivotal in driving researchers to venture beyond the confines of their specialized domains and engage with the broader expanse of AI studies.

The central challenge of HumaneAI is not merely technical but also philosophical: How can we cultivate AI systems that are not only technically robust but also profoundly humane? Our mission is to develop AI platforms that can resonate with human emotions, adapt seamlessly to multifaceted real-world environments, and interact meaningfully within intricate social contexts.

This recent commendation by the European Commission serves as a testament to our commitment and the strides we have made so far. It propels us further in our pursuit to establish the bedrock principles of a novel scientific approach that envisions AI systems aligned with European values, bringing them closer to the aspirations and needs of European citizens.

As we bask in this moment of recognition, we remain deeply cognizant of the journey ahead. We are more determined than ever to ensure that the future of AI not only resonates with cutting-edge technology but also with the very essence of human values, aspirations, and well-being.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our collaborators, partners, and the entire HumaneAI community for their relentless dedication and contributions. Together, we’re not just pioneering technological advancements, but sculpting the very future of how humans and AI coalesce.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey in shaping the AI of tomorrow, today.