Marko Grobelnik, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Jozef Stefan Institute

Marko Grobelnik, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, JSI

The issue of artificial intelligence and humanity can be answered in several ways. One possible view is that Humane AI is kind of a European view to AI versus let’s say American, Chinese, or Russian and so on, which maybe have other focal points, and Humane AI would be closer to a human, so human-centric with ethical values emphasise, but in its core is really has a European dimension in itself. Throughout the discussions that we have this idea is emphasised and I think it’s kind of right. There needs to be a counterpart or counterbalance to these other ways of dealing with AI.

My blue sky project is realistic and its actually happening. In a few short sentences, can we predict future events in society? How can we do it? By understanding society in a causal way. There is this famous statement “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”, so can we find the rhymes of society so that we can understand and possibly predict the future of society on a micro level. This would be one of them, but the other area that is in my strong interest is common sense reasoning. Today’s narrow AI which is solving hard problems, but extremely narrow ones, can we broaden this into something which we could technically name common sense reasoning.