In the first microproject “Asking the right questions” we could identify and verify a set of functional questions to match people for innovation. With this project we build on this understanding of relevant elements of a matching platform and the identified user needs in the context of AI based innovation.

Within this micro project, we aim to implement an AI matching platform prototype. The first version will allow users to specify and manage profile data and receive matches. Matches could be either one-to-one matches or where a set of people is identified for which live event (online or in person) for getting them together is beneficial. We aim to evaluate the platform and get feedback from technology and domain experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Our long-term goal is to help connect experts and entrepreneurs across physical boundaries, creating a vibrant and agile high-tech environment on a European Scale.


A first prototype of a working matching platform

Matches and test users on the platform

Project Partners:

  • German Entrepreneurship GmbH, Jan Alpmann
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Albrecht Schmidt
  • Volkswagen AG, Gülce Cesur


Primary Contact: Jan Alpmann, German Entrepreneurship

K4A proposes a micro project to extend its existing prototype of the online learning platform X5LEARN ( developed by K4A and UCL and JSI and its new IRCAI center under the auspices of UNESCO. It is a standalone, learner-facing web application designed to give access through an innovative interface to a portfolio of openly licensed educational resources (OER) in video and textual format. Designed for lifelong learners looking for specific content wanting to expand on their knowledge, our aim is to extend it to AI-related topics. The updated application will be released via IRCAI a newly designated AI center and integrated with AI4EU with heavy HumaneAI branding. The main reason to push the product with IRCAI is that UNESCO is positioning itself as the main UN agency to promote humanist Artificial Intelligence, a major international policy on the Ethics of AI, and champion OER, which is in line with HumaneAI.


System prototype version 1: The initial prototype of the X5LEARN system upgraded with a novel User Interface and initial TrueLearn models

System prototype version 2: The second prototype of the X5LEARN system that integrates into the AI4EU Platform

Final prototype version 2: The final X5LEARN prototype that integrates the final and updated TrueLearn models in both interfaces

X5LEARN System Expandability/Updateability database with additional OER materials

X5LEARN Public website branded with UNESCO and HumaneAI visuals

X5LEARN Integration Guidelines and API Reference Guide

Paper to be published in peer-reviewed journal


Project Partners:

  • Knowledge 4 All Foundation (K4A), Davor Orlic
  • University College London í(UCL), John Shawe-Taylor
  • Institut “Jožef Stefan” (JSI), Marko Grobelnik


Primary Contact: Davor Orlic, Knowledge 4 All Foundation (K4A)