Join us at the 2nd workshop for Women in Computing

If you are working in a computing career (AI or HCI) and looking for tips and tricks to navigate your career, register and join us in the 2nd workshop for Women in Computing #WiC2023 (you can see from here what we did last year:

Where? Konstanz, Germany
When? Thu 22-June 12:00 – 18:00
Mode? In-person only
Registration? Free – sign up here by 17-June
The workshop is not exclusive for women and everyone is welcomed to attend.

Thanks to our awesome speakers: @miriam butt, Marko Grobelnik, Andrea Sipka, Andrea Volkamer, Sarah Theres Völkel, we’ll discuss topics like how to write your CV for the industry after finishing your PhD, how to get your first research funds, how to do IT for social good and much more..

The workshop is organized by Tiare F., Fiona Draxler, Agnes Gruenerbl, Passant Elagroudy, Sabrina Jaeger, and Sita Vriend.

It is supported by SFB TRR 161: Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing and Humane AI Net

#ai #womenempowerment #scientists #industry