Wojciech Borkowski, University of Warsaw

Wojciech Borkowski, University of Warsaw

What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI?

It is important, but for me maybe more important is how to track the politics and the effects of what are people doing for the future and computer simulation is a very good tool for this. What particular political decision, how it may work in the future.

It connects?

It is very connected. In social simulation we use some kind of agents. Agents have small intelligence or less or more intelligence. We try to limit, especially because we have no tools for to make the very intelligent agents. And to make a group of very intelligent agents because of limited resources of computational resources.

Could that be for example your potential blue sky project?

First thing should be standardization of social simulation, because many people use many languages, different algorithms, it is many things work many times. The standardization will be very good and second thing will be use the language that is efficient. I use different language for simple project but different for serious project. For simple project I use processing, it is some kind of simplified Java. It works very well for students for example, but it is simple, it works on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac. The same code work well. But for serious processes I use C++ and sometimes Quda, this is sort of parallel programming for graphic cards. If you could make something, if you could make effort to make this thing together, it would be good for this discipline I think.

Standardization of languages, programming languages?

Yes, or interaction between languages, it would be also possible to make good library in C++ and then connect the server to small module, write in Java or processing, when people that are not very good in programming, can write for example how one person, how agent work, not person, how agent work and put it into the big system.