Gerardo Iñiguez, Central European University

Gerardo Iñiguez, Central European University

What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI?

Yes, I think the basic idea behind a Human – Centered AI is the idea that we not only need to make algorithms to fulfil a certain purpose, but we need to make individuals and society better. We have to introduce values of ethics and of social welfare into the algorithms that are trying to solve issues. I think it is a good project, it is something we need. Now, most od the development in the AI is being done in private companies, by corporate interests and researches are just, you know, understanding how it behaves. We are not taking like an active role in also developing these algorithms. So, I think we need to create some sort of ecosystem between institutions, governments, researches and companies to really make AI better and more ethical.

I think we live in a strange moment in society, that we have very big problems that we have to solve. We have a climate emergency, we have extreme inequality, we have a lot of technology that we can use in order to solve these problems, but somehow, we are very disconnected from this, as a society, and from this technology. I think we can use AI to make use better informed, to actually help us in looking for solutions to these big problems. But we need that this AI is well engineered. That it is not only made by companies, but is actually made, you know, by the researches, by the governments, by corporations all put together. I think this is one of the only ways in which we’re actually going to solve giant problems, like climate change.

What would be your blue sky project in AI for Europe?

My blue sky project is to solve with well informant ethical AI.