Globally, transportation is responsible for about 30% of air pollution, and in large cities, this is even higher. Between 20%-40% of deaths due to serious diseases are caused by air pollution (source: In Spain, 10.000 people die every year due to air pollution (almost tripling traffic deaths) and in Madrid alone, there are 5000 pollution deaths per year (14/day).

The combination of mobility data (generated from anonymized and aggregated mobile phone data of the telecommunications sector), IoT pollution & climate sensor data from moving vehicles, and Open Data, can provide actionable insights about traffic mobility patterns and pollution such that authorities and policymakers can better measure, predict and manage cities’ mobility and pollution.

This micro project is strategically aligned with Europe’s Green Deal and the EU Data Strategy.


Demonstration with visualizations for pollution in Spanish city

Press release, blog post on organizations’ websites

Potentially scientific publication and patent (TBC)

Project Partners:

  • Telefonica, Richard Benjamins
  • Telefonica, Richard Benjamins
  • VW, Richard Niestroj
  • UNIBO, Laura Sartori
  • CNR, Fosca Giannotti

Primary Contact: Richard Benjamins, Telefonica