Ron Chrisley, University of Sussex

Ron Chrisley, University of Sussex

What is your opinion on Human – Centered AI?

I am really excited about the Humane AI approach. Because I think the way to create the kinds of AI that we really want to see created, is to collaborate, to find collaborations between machines and people, or use machines, use AI systems to help people collaborate with each other. I think this can be seen especially in the area of creativity, which is what I’m interested in. Rather than trying to just create machines that are somehow creative, maybe it would be a better approach to build machines that can assist us in being more creative. We have some particular ideas in mind her in the Humane AI group about how to do that.

I hope that this project will gather together people who really want to see a different kind of AI in Europe, expressing the European values, human centered European values, that would be world leading. That’s why I’m most excited about, being involved in this group, because I think, not just got the right ideas, the right talent and expertise, but its heart is in the right place to. That’s what I really am looking forward to working with colleagues about.

What would be your blue sky project in AI for Europe?

What I would like to see, is, if resources weren’t an issues and time weren’t an issue, I would like to see AI systems that can not only help us and be very good at perceiving the world, but that could perceive themselves and acquire the knowledge of how they work that would allow them to be much more sophisticated that they currently are. I think the applications of such systems are many and hard to imagine would be, hard to underestimate the sophistication that one could add to AI, if this AI systems could learn about themselves with the same power that they are currently learning about photos of cats.